In January 2016 North & East launched its Strategic Plan containing a renewed vision for the Association. The Vision that “Everyone is entitled to a quality home within the Community” is underpinned by three strategic goals;

  • To grow our housing stock to 700 units by the end of 2020
  • To support our tenants in developing and sustaining strong communities
  • To ensure our structures and resources are capable of supporting current and future activities

The Strategy for the next five years provides a clear picture of the Association's ongoing commitment to working in partnership with our stakeholders to provide high quality social housing in the North East region of the country.

Speaking at the launch of the Strategy Chairman Pat Lennon said, “I am honoured as Chairman of the Association to introduce the completed Strategic Plan which will guide the organisation’s growth and development for the next five years. I also take pride in the fact that at this time the organisation is a vibrant and a respected player in the voluntary housing sector in Ireland.”

Download the full strategy here