Future Plans

Our Development strategy for the next 5 years is contained in our Strategic Plan, 2016 – 2020. At is heart is our commitment to increase our housing stock to up to 700 homes in the North East of the country by 2020. We will seek opportunities for growth within those local authority areas where we have traditionally operated and beyond this into new counties across the region.

The reduction in the capital funding available for Approved Housing Bodies and the increasing pressure on local authority waiting lists has brought a significantly changed environment for all Housing Associations

In this climate North & East are responding to the challenge of delivering new social housing in imaginative and innovative ways.  As an Approved Housing Body  certified by the Housing Finance Agency we are able to access financial products provided by the agency.  Other approaches taken by us are to;

  • Successfully utilising private finance to acquire and build units through working closely with developers and local authorities
  • Developing a programme for delivery of special needs(CAS)units, particularly for older people
  • Entering into arrangements with developers for long-term leasing of units
  • Engaging with Government initiatives such as NAMA and the Mortgage to Rent scheme
  • Continuing to manage units on behalf of local authorities
  • Responding positively to any new initiatives by central or local government

Read out full Strategy here