Launch of Tenant Engagement Strategy

By northandeast
Monday, 29th July 2019
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North & East Housing Association is delighted to be launching a new three-year Tenant Engagement Strategy. While building on the strong commitment the Association always had to putting the tenants and communities at the heart of what we do, this is the commencement of a new journey for tenants, staff and board of NEHA. The strategy lays out commitments that we are making to engage, communicate and actively listen to the tenants of North & East allowing their experiences to effect the decisions made in all areas of the organisation.

The strategy outlines that tenant engagement is more than tenant consultation or tenant participation it is a two-way process involving tenants and NEHA in the sharing of ideas, enabling tenants to influence decisions regarding the management of their homes. And while this strategy lays out realistic outcomes for the first strategy 3-year period it is our hope and ambition to build on this into the future with more ambitious strategies that will maximise the engagement and involvement of the tenants in decision making.

We recognise that the commitment we make in launching the strategy may require changes to how we do our work across the whole organisation, this will require the commitment from tenants, staff and board. North & East is committed to supporting these stakeholders in the implantation of the strategy.