Noel McArdle Education Bursary

By northandeast
Thursday, 5th January 2017
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Is it time to kick-start your career? Let North & East help you.

The Noel McArdle Education Bursary is a resource that the Board of North & East started in memory of one of the founding Board members, Noel McArdle . It is open to all tenants with a clear account for three months.

The Bursary can be used to cover any associated costs involved in attending a 3rd level course, such as registration, books, exam fees, transport and childcare.

The next round of applications for the Bursary will be accepted in September.For further information on the bursary please contact click here or contact your Housing Officer.

Saidhbh Collins from Seaview Grove, Laytown gaining her Masters degree as a Master of Education & Athletic Coachingin William Wood University, Missouri, USA.  Saidhbh received the Education Bursary from North & East on two occasions to assist with her education.