Questions about your home

By northandeast
Thursday, 16th May 2019
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North & East have been delighted to welcome many new tenants over the past few months. We realise that our new Tenants (as well as our long-standing ones!) will have many questions about their new homes and we have a number of ways for you to find the answers you need.

Many of your most common queries are dealt with in your Tenant Handbook which you would have received with your Tenancy Agreement. It is availablehere to download here

The FAQ section of our website is a useful resource which is added to as new issues are identified.

We have a newly established Tenant Support Desk ready to help with all your queries. In addition to managing general tenant queries, the tenant support team are also responsible for dealing with any repair or service issues that may arise. They work closely with our Property Services team to ensure your repair issues are prioritised and resolved as quick as possible. Feel free to contact the Tenant Support Team at

Finally, nothing beats the old-fashioned way so please give us a call on 01-8200002 and if the Tenant Support team cannot answer your query over the phone, we can arrange for your Housing Officer to visit you on one of their regular estate visits.