North & East is committed to being open and transparent with our tenants and other stakeholders about the work that we do. A key part of that is making sure that up-to-date information on our structure and finances is available to view on our website.

In this section, you’ll be able to find detailed information about how we are regulated, what we spend our money on and what our future plans are

Who we are

North & East Housing Association (North & East) was incorporated in 1993 having been established in the previous year by a small number of volunteers. We are now a well established housing provider with some 500 homes in management and a proven track record in the delivery of high-quality homes, comprehensive housing services and tenant supports.  We operate primarily in the north east of the country and we provide homes via a number of different mechanisms including building, buying and leasing.

North & East believes that everyone has a right to a quality home within the community. We strive to achieve this vision by working in partnership with local authorities as well as community and voluntary organisations.  While we are  primarily a general needs housing provider,we also provide housing to a wide variety of groups including;

  • families  
  • older people
  • homeless households
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with learning disabilities

All of the families and single people that we house are approved applicants taken from the local authority housing waiting lists. 

For further information on our activities please see our Annual Reports 2016 2017

What is our legal Status?

North & East Housing Association is a company limited by guarantee (company number 197791), and is also a registered charity (CHY number 10970). A company limited by guarantee is a company, which does not have a share capital  and its constitution provides that the liability of its members is limited to such amount as the members may undertake to contribute to the assets of the CLG in the event of it being wound up.

As a CLG North & East is obliged to have a single document constitution incorporating a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.  View our Constitution here

North & East is also a registered charity (CHY number 10970). This means it has been granted charitable tax exemption by the Revenue Commissioners.

North & East is also registered with the Charities Regulator (CRA 20029074)

All of our income is exclusively used to promote the charitable objectives of the company

How are we funded?

North & East is funded a number of different methods;

  • Rent Paid by tenants
  • Government Funding – Capital Assistance Scheme.
  • Revenue funding from Local Authorities (Payment & Availability)
  • Loans from Government – Capital Advance Leasing Facility
  • Loans from the Housing Finance Agency (HFA)
  • Loans from private financial institutions

Details of all of our funding for each year are found in our Annual Accounts – below

As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest any surplus we make back into our housing and services, making our communities a place our residents are proud to call home.

Annual Accounts

North & East’s financial accounts are independently audited each year and the audit reports are publically available to view on North & East’s website.

North & East employs a Chief Financial Officer who is a qualified accountant and member of a recognised professional accounting body to prepare and maintain its accounting records which are made available for review to the Associations auditors annually.

View our Accounts here.  2018  2017  2016, 2015

How are we governed?

North & East Housing Association is governed by a Board of non–executive directors whose responsibilities are; strategic direction, financial and risk management, monitoring performance and good governance. The Board retains overall responsibility for the strategic direction and development of the organisation. The Chief Executive manages the operation of the charity with delegated responsibility to the staff. 

The Board reviews its performance on an annual basis.  New members with skills relevant to the business of North & East have been invited to join. All new Board members follow an induction programme and are offered relevant training. No remuneration is paid to non-executive directors for their services as Board Members. Directly incurred expenses are reimbursed, if claimed.

The directors also acknowledge and accept their personal overall responsibilities under the Companies Acts 1963 to 2014 as the Association is established under these Acts. Each director will act, at all times, in the best interest of the Association as a whole rather than in pursuit of any personal or sectional interest.

The Board has in place a comprehensive set of policies (here) that are reviewed every 2 years.

There are four standing  Board sub-committees, Risk, Governance & Audit, Development ,Finance and Remuneration. There is also an ad-hoc HR committee that means as required. Details of Committee membership are found in Board Members' profiles at

How are we Regulated?

North & East Housing Association is an Approved Housing Body (AHB) under under section 6 of the Housing Act 1992. AHBs are  public benefit organisations formed for the purpose of relieving  poverty and deprivation caused by poor housing conditions and homelessness or other social and economic circumstances. 

As an Approved Housing Body (AHB) North & East registers all its tenancies with the Residential tenancies Board (RTB)

As a Company Limited by Guarantee, North & East makes an Annual Statutory Return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

As a Charity North & East makes an Annual Statutory Return to the Charities Regulator.View North & East's Returns to the Charities Regulator 2015, 2016 2017

As a body registered with the Lobbying Authority, North & East makes quarterly returns to the Register of Lobbying

Which Voluntary Codes has North & East signed up to?

The Voluntary Code for Approved Housing Bodies

View North & East's Return for 2017, 2016

The Governance Code for the Community Voluntary & Charity Sector in Ireland

View North & East's Charter of Committments here

The Housing Association Performance Management

View North & East's Returns 2015, 2016 2017 2018

What are our plans?

In January 2016 North & East launched its Strategic Plan containing a renewed  vision for the Association. The Vision that “Everyone is entitled to a quality home within the Community” is underpinned by three strategic goals;

  • To grow our housing stock to 700 units by the end of 2020
  • To support our tenants in developing and sustaining strong communities
  • To ensure our structures and resources are capable of supporting current and future activities

The Strategy for the next five years provides a clear picture of the Association's ongoing commitment to working in partnership with our stakeholders to provide high quality social housing in the North East region of the country.

Speaking at the launch of the Strategy Chairman Pat Lennon said, “I am honoured as Chairman of the Association to introduce the completed Strategic Plan which will guide the organisation’s growth and development for the next five years. I also take pride in the fact that at this time the organisation is a vibrant and a respected player in the voluntary housing sector in Ireland.”

Download the full strategy here

How can I find out more?

If you have any queries that have not been addressed here please email us on