Board Members

North & East Housing Association is governed by a Board of Directors, whose principal responsibilities include strategic direction, financial and risk management as well as monitoring performance and good governance.  The Board of Directors are volunteers and are paid no fees or other earnings by North & East.

The Board conducts an annual review of the skills required and new trustees are chosen to ensure that the Board has an appropriate balance of experience and skills relevant to the operations of North & East. 

The Board is supported by the following subcommittees:

Details of Committee membership are found in Board Members' profiles

Currently the non-executive Board members are;

John Ryan, Chairperson

Pat Lennon, Board member

Barry Magee, Secretary

Sean Staunton, Board member

John Cunniffe,Vice-Chair

Maurice O'Neill, Board member

Patricia Cleary, Board member


The Board delegates the day-to-day operation of the organisation to the CEO, Vincent Keenan and an experienced  management team of Brendan McGinley, Property Services Manager,  Pio Murtagh, Chief Financial Officer and Caroline Norris, Tenant Services & Engagement Manager, supported by a team of dedicated staff. All of our staff have relevant expertise and experience in their area of responsibility and are provided with the opportunity of undertaking relevant further education courses.